fredag 11 mars 2011

Fix my head -Empty slogans (2009)

If you liked Needles (see previous post) this will probably
make you wet your pants ( I sure did)
Great 80's sounding hardcore with a modern approach (or just think Los Crudos)
Fast furious catchy and fucking awesome!


Needles- Desastre

Looking for a more intense experience than shaggin' your mom?
Needles is what you need, fast good ol' hardcore Los Crudos style
Members from Talk is Poison,Limp Wrist etc


onsdag 9 mars 2011

Agent Attitude

This Uppsalaband (Town of the free, home of the brave) are fresh from last year and are climbing the hardcore ladder of fame fast and furious. And with rights! These guys are people from different U-A bands suh as Pointless Youth, The Blinds and Bad Review and they really know how to deliver raw tharsh fucking hardcore. Hell, metal is having an old-school revival so why should'nt hardcore go back to the basics? Yeah, that have never happened before. Anyway, they are on the go with a 7" that is being released on Green Menace & Monument Records. The record is a self title and will probably contain their demo (wich you can download here), the one that is alive then will find out.

Spread the word, Uppsala Pride!

Cut the Shit

Check this clip out: Cut the Shit
Finally at least one fucking clip that's more or less is watchable with ok sound, and it produces some hits aswell. Enjoy.

onsdag 16 februari 2011


Are you a coward?
Then this is dedicated to you
Banjax -Dedicated to cowards
These tokyo girls definitely know how to deliver raw thrashing hardcore that will kick you in the balls. Fans of Total Fury,Mind of Asian,Exhale take notice

Download you coward

Life's Halt: 1997 - 2003 discography

If it isn't enough with their 7" (previously written about) than you should check this out. 55 tracks of complete mayhem, some are of course double takes but fuck you.
Download it heeeeere!

fredag 11 februari 2011

Dystrophy -Nice Kids (2004)

Intense thrashcore a la Charles Bronson with nice breakdowns
Skatin' for satan!

Get it